The mentoring program is a great opportunity to gain one-on-one industry and career advice from a seasoned professional. We encourage participation from all SMPS members, no matter what your experience level and specific mentoring needs. The program will provide participants with matching, training, and support for one year.

The Mentoring Program Strives to:

  • Affirm our commitment to SMPS members and their development at every level
  • Foster cross-organizational communications and share institutional knowledge
  • Meet the needs of mentees for career enhancement information and advice, and of mentors to develop skills and see different viewpoints
  • Improve mentees’ ability to do their jobs well by providing them with new information and perspectives, as well as their own career options

To get involved with our Mentoring Program as a mentor or a mentee, please contact our Mentor-Protégé Director, Felipe Aguiar.

Felipe Aguiar